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What's in it for customers?

15+ years of knowledge and a trusted network

We’ve been working in different parts of the food industry - including the wholesale side of things for a while. This means we know the best, most reliable suppliers with the highest quality products. Through Platter, you can access them instantly.

An ease-driven, one-stop shop

Our digital platform lets our customers do everything in one place. Get introduced to new contacts, process orders with multiple suppliers. Platter removes the hassle and makes lives easier.

A huge time-saver

Having everything in one place saves considerable time. Neither our customers nor their buying teams need to make as many calls, attend as many face-to-face meetings, or handle as much admin. There’s less waiting too. Suppliers don’t need to come to them with product – it’s all there on the Platter.

Fresh, varied product on a plate

We know that researching new products can be time-consuming. With Platter, it’s easy to source new products because we help do this for you. We also harness the collective buying power of all of our customers. Which means everyone benefits with access to products at the best prices.

Commercial results

In short, working with Platter makes great business sense. Our customers reduce overheads and are guaranteed competitive prices – in fact, we save our customers crucial bottom line margin because we want them to do well, and we genuinely pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers make positive changes to the way they do business.

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